Download the Savra Augmented Reality App

Download the Savra Augmented Reality App

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Download the Sara Augmented Reality App
Savra is a program that has been activated in the field of education, entertainment and advertising.

In fact, it is a realistic program, and individuals can use it to add content beyond what is in the advertising and children’s and adolescent fields, including adding a 3D model, two-dimensional model, audio, photography, etc. to the pages of the book or Business and corporate affiliates.

After downloading and installing your camera, take your app on the images marked with AR + in the Savra catalog and enjoy the animations.


After downloading the download link, the app downloads and the AR + catalog will be activated for you.

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اپلیکیشن واقعیت افزوده ساورا

مشاهده واقعیت افزوده انیمیشن های کودکانه و صنعتی
آسان بودن استفاده از برنامه بطوری که با چند لمس ساده می‌توانید نتیجه را مشاهده کنید.
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