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Pars Sava Novin Honar Fanavar, In 2016, the company became a member of the Khorasan Science and Technology Park in the Culture and Tourism Department

     Pars Sava, a knowledge-based company, was established in 2017 and registration number 61157, with the subject of specialized activity in the field of “designing and producing augmented reality mobile applications for children and adolescents and advertising (augmented reality in the urban context)” consisting graphic designers, illustrators, animators, and expert programmers.

A company with the latest technologies that augmented reality is one of its tools. The head office is located in the Sajjad building of Khorasan Science and Technology Park. The company has a completely dynamic, modern, and active atmosphere so that all employees can create ideas and flourish their talents in a happy and comfortable atmosphere. The company has knowledge-based products and services for children and adolescents and makes the children of the world happy with training along with games and entertainment. In 2020, other departments were added to the company.


2016 Khorasan Science and Technology Park Technology Co.

Knowledge-based, Creative Presidential and Digital Cultural Foundation (Digital Publishing)

Year 2017 Computer System of Khorasan Razavi

Trading Card 2018

Owned by:Pars Sava Novin Honar Fanavar
Address:No 28- Amin2- Sajjadshahr21- Mashhad- Khorasan Razavi
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E-mail: info@savraco.com

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