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The return of Mr. Safety and the Adventures of Gas

The return of Mr. Immunity is the revival of a cultural movement and nostalgia for the elderly

جدیدترین پروژه
بازی راز متان شرکت گاز استان خراسان رضوی

سلام بچه ها من آقای ایمنی هستم

آنهایی که می توانند مرا از این درون نجات دهند ، شـمـایید …

اصلا وقت نداریم الان باید دنیا را نجات دهید. شما باید راز طلای بیرنگ را کشف کنید و دنیا را نجات دهید …

ما چگونه دنیا را نجات دهیم؟

ادامه مطلب…

راز متان

Pars Sava Department

Digital Marketing

Using the latest technologies in the world and providing the highest quality services, creative and interactive solutions in the field of digital advertising, create a unique experience of success on the web and digital space for the company’s customers.

1.Social media advertising

2.Instagram Marketing

3.Banner ads 4.Video ads

Augmented Reality

With the help of images, information in the form of text, 3D images, videos and audio is displayed on a live image that is displayed through a mobile camera or tablet. With the help of augmented reality technology, you can present your products to the customer more easily and attractively.

Graphic Design

It is a creative process that combines technology and art.

1.Logo design, a set of office papers

2.Design of posters, catalogs and brochures

3.Designing the visual identity of the brand and organization

4.Two-dimensional and three-dimensional animation

5.Teaser and motion graphics


It can be said that one of the main competitions in the world of industry and trade is industrial photography and advertising photography. With the growth and development of society and entering the virtual world in the lives of people in society, the tendency of people to industrial photography has increased and is growing.

Ui Design

Nowadays, people go directly to the Internet, especially applications, to find the goods they need. Designing a UI or user interface and designing application and site menus play an important role in the beauty, convenience, and proper presentation of your business.

Publishing supervision

Pars Sava always pays special attention to the quality of the works it publishes, for this reason, the publishing department of this company has provided worthy works to the customers by supervising all the printing steps and with full accuracy.

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