Privacy Policy

What information do you receive?
To receive and use Sara Prayer Training Augmented Reality application, you need to provide us with information such as your country code and mobile phone. . You will receive a validation code to enter the application, which is disposable and will be invalidated after use. Receiving your mobile phone is just for registration and more services, sending important notifications and notifying you of special events and discounts.
How is your information protected?
The application is designed offline and only online on the login page, where information is stored on our secure servers and protected by strong firewalls.
What will be the use of your files and information?
We have a legal and moral obligation to protect your information and records.
Your personal information is stored in a coded form only for future interactions so that you can easily enter the application and use the application in future orders and references.
We also hate spam and will not send promotional messages to our users.
How long do we keep your information?
If you register in the application, its data will be stored and stored indefinitely. In this case, it is possible to follow and reactivate automatically up to 2 times and there is no need to keep the scratch number.
Who has access to your information?
All employees are also required to do their utmost to protect the privacy and security of customer information. Confidentiality and making this information available to others is one of the basic conditions for our cooperation with them.
Your mobile information will be stored with us and will not be shared with other individuals or organizations.
In general, we are responsible for protecting and protecting customer information, including mobile information, and.. All material and intellectual rights of the orders placed by us will belong to users and employers.

Pars Sava Company has the symbol of electronic trust and also the national mark of digital media registration from the Ministry of Culture and Islamic Guidance and operates as an officially registered company in the field of augmented reality services and products.